Review: Birds Choice Thistle Feeder

Goldfinch at Birds Choice Feeder

I bought this bird feeder about six months ago from Amazon, and it’s held up well.  I like Birds Choice products because they make bird feeders out of recycled plastic.  (They call it the Nyjer Recycled Finch Feeder… which makes it sound like it will attract recycled finches!)

If you’re tired of replacing the mesh sock nyjer type bird feeders, this one is much more durable.  It has stiff mesh sides that birds can easily cling to.  The lid keeps out rain pretty well, although some water will obviously hit the sides of the feeder.

It has a strong wire hanger-loop at the top.  I get lots of American goldfinches with this feeder, as well as slate-colored juncos.  (I used to think juncos were too stupid to know how to eat from feeders, but this feeder has proven me wrong!)

Smarter than your average junco!

This feeder comes apart easily and you just wash with soap and water.

Mesh sides slide into grooves

This feeder comes in two sizes, and I have the smaller one.   If you have tons of finches to feed, consider the bigger one.


(Rating of features on 5-point scale)

Durability:  4

Ease of Filling: 5

Waterproof: 3

Variety of Birds Attracted:  4

Ease of Cleaning: 5

Overall Grade:  21 (out of 25)

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